50 Years ~ Up to $50k in Savings

There is truly no substitution for experience and it is with great pride that all of us at Sam Rodgers Homes celebrate our 50th year building luxury homes in Southwest Florida. We’ve spent the past half century helping dreams come true in our beautifully appointed homes and we’d like to put our skills to use for you.

For a limited time, while commemorating our 50 years, we’re offering 50% off design upgrades up to $50,000. That means you can make a worthwhile, long term investment into the life of your home–for half the price.

Be sure to visit our state-of-the-art design studio to select the features and fixtures you want inside your home. Choose from a wide range of options–Moen faucets, GE and Whirlpool appliances, wood plank tiles, and quartz countertops are all available to fit your lifestyle and to make your home uniquely you.


Sam Rodgers home - celebrating 50 years


50 YEARS ~ UP TO $50k in SAVINGS ~ Purchase must be made by December 31st.

*Credit will be applied after design studio selections are made and signed off on. The credit may be applied towards available features and selections only and may not be exchanged for any other incentive. Any unused portions of the design studio credit will be forfeited. It can’t be used towards structural items, pools, low voltage, outdoor kitchens and is subject to change without notice.


Why Sam Chooses Moen Fixtures – And Why You Should Too

Sam Rodgers Moen plumbing fixtures

At Sam Rodgers, we strive to combine luxury, elegance and quality every step of the way.

We work toward our customer’s complete satisfaction, creating uniquely designed, custom homes to match their lifestyle and taste.

When you buy Sam, this mission doesn’t end with the big picture details of your custom home. We bring luxury, elegance, and quality to the most minute details.

As a homebuyer, you should come home to not only beautiful design, but also practical, reliable, and functional features for everyday home life. Plumbing fixtures are no exception.

For this reason, we recommend Moen when it comes to plumbing fixtures. Here’s why.

About Moen

Moen has been a leading innovator in plumbing fixture designs and manufacturing for 70 years. It has earned its way to being considered the number one North American brand for its innovation and quality craftsmanship.

Much like us, Moen prioritizes the user perspective in its designs. Customer needs and insights are what led the way 70 years ago when Moen got its start, and it is what still leads the way in the development of their products today, resulting in fixtures both delightful and practical for everyday use.

For all of its products, Moen’s ultimate goal is to create elegant and luxurious designs that provide peak functionality, ease of use, and a reliable shelf life to stand the test of time.

Moen Products & Innovations

To achieve its goal, Moen uses the latest innovations for their plumbing fixtures.

From their kitchen MotionSense Touchless Faucets and power technology (which allows better force for cleaning while limiting splashback) to their Magnetix Showerheads and Microban Faucets (to help prevent harmful bacterial growth), Moen truly knows how to blend quality and practicality.

For years, Moen has led the way in creating stylish and easy to use kitchen faucets with a variety of hands-free technologies, as well as numerous pull-out and pull-down faucets for cleaning with less mess and water waste.

A Perfect Combination

With a history and passion for innovative design, Moen fixtures are the perfect products to complete the details of every Sam Rodgers home.

We offer our buyers complete freedom when it comes to home customization, but we certainly encourage our buyers to visit our design studio and see Moen’s elegant and quality fixtures up close.

We trust that you’ll see why Moen remains our top pick for interior fixtures and that you’ll find the right match for your custom Sam Rodgers home.

Sam Rodgers Moen plumbing fixtures