Holiday Hosting: A Survival Guide for You and Your New Home

Holiday party of family eating and drinking wine

Is it your turn to host the holidays for your family this year? We can help with some tips to keep your new home orderly, whether your guests stay for just hours or several days.

  • If you have guests coming from out of town, create an overnight kit before they arrive, including towels, toiletries, and any other items that will make them comfortable so you’re not scrambling to get them items as needed.
  • If you’re concerned about dirty feet on your carpet, provide inexpensive footwear for your guests, for example, slippers, or fun holiday socks to wear throughout your home during your celebration. These also serve as nice gifts or party favors.
  • Serve light-colored drinks, the light colors will not stain your carpet as easily, and will help you maintain the “newness” of your  home. Why spend more resources and energy trying to fix something or prevent an unwanted situation while you could use little efforts to avoid its occurrence?
  • If dark-colored drinks like wine are a must, encourage your guests to drink those in a place in your home without carpet, for example, the kitchen or on the lanai.
  • Make a list to keep yourself organized of everything you need to prepare, and make as much of your list ahead of time as you can so you have time to relax and enjoy your guests. The freezer is a great tool to help you get ahead of the game.

The holidays are a time of sharing and enjoying life with those you hold closest to you. The last thing you need is to worry about is your home and ruining the new features that you’ve worked so hard to attain.

Show off your beautiful Sam Rodgers home to your friends and family this holiday season while keeping your home like new, and avoiding unnecessary stress.

What Most Custom Builders Won’t Tell You

Construction worker viewing image of home layout

Ready to build a home? While the home building process is an exhilarating experience, there are many things to take into consideration. The most important factor? Selecting a homebuilder. When choosing a builder, there are many factors to evaluate. Though determining to work with a homebuilder that charges the least or a family friend may seem like the obvious choice, you have to remember that in those circumstances, you get what you pay for. Before deciding to work with a homebuilder, be sure to do your research.

Here are a few things some custom builders won’t tell you.

Lot Selection

So, the first decision you’ll make when building a home is the location. If you already own your lot, the building process will be more direct. If you’re purchasing land with the intention to build, it’s a little more difficult. A major principle to keep in mind is to not settle. Many settle on a lot solely because it is the last available in your ideal neighborhood. Rather than focusing on the surrounding homes, make sure the lot you choose is the perfect shape, size, and view for you and your family.


One of the hardest components to manage during the home building process is the price tag. If a builder requests a large deposit upfront, this may mean they need help affording the materials. If this is the case, the company is most likely suffering financially. On the contrary, if a builder’s initial quote is unusually low, this can be alarming as well. The key is that the quote you receive from the homebuilder is comparable to competing builders’ estimates and that the quote includes a complete breakdown of the total.

Material Sources

Most homebuilders have long-standing relationships with contractors. Rather than telling the buyer who they work for, the builder will sometimes act as a middle man between the contractor and the buyer. That way, they can create allowances for the consumer to provide the builder to work with. Often times, the prices are low-balled and the buyer ends up spending more. Another reason to get involved with the selection process is to ensure you are getting the best quality for your budget. While a cheaper microwave may be more enticing, consider the longevity. If it is constantly having issues, it will end up costing more in repairs than it would have been to choose a top-of-the-line product. Though you may be building this home to be your forever home, you should always keep in mind the resale value of your home by selecting the highest quality materials.

When you decide to build with Sam Rodgers Homes, you’ll never be left wondering. Sam Rodgers has defined Luxury Without Limits for over 50 years through quality construction, customized design, and personalized floor plans for your unique lifestyle. Our well-established partnerships with top local artisans, craftsmen, and tradespeople ensure the highest quality home construction in Southwest Florida. And, unlike other homebuilders, Sam Rodgers feature a 1,600 square-foot Design Studio, staffed with design professionals, to provide home buyers convenient one-stop shopping for every little detail of your home.

To learn more about Sam Rodgers Homes, contact us today!

Luxury Without Limits

When other home builders say no to custom home features, Sam says YES.

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Sam Rodgers Wins Best Digital Marketing Campaign at 2019 Manatee-Sarasota BIA SMC Awards

Sam Rodgers wins Best Digital Marketing Campaign 2019

SARASOTA —Sam Rodgers Homes was recently announced as the winner of the 2019 Best Digital Marketing Campaign Award at The annual Manatee-Sarasota BIA Celebration of Excellence Awards. This is a prestigious recognition among home builders in the industry.

For luxury builders, like Sam Rodgers Homes, the truth is that quality digital marketing is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads. They were able to do just that, with a digital campaign that beat out all the others.

With the help of CEA Marketing, a Clearwater-based advertising agency specializing in homebuilder promotions, Sam Rodgers Homes created a consistently positive mobile-friendly experience designed to provide information to prospective homebuyers. The campaign provided an informative and useful resource, then encouraged prospective buyers to explore Sam Rodgers Homes for themselves while generating quality leads.

The campaign centered around a guidebook titled “Top Modern Custom Upgrades for Luxury Homes.” It was then supported by Email Marketing, Banner Ads, Blogs, a Social Media Campaign and a Remarketing Strategy that all worked together.

To download and view the Guidebook, simply click here.

The Mooney’s

Paradiso Entrance

From Tom and Holly Mooney:

“We comment frequently on how much we like living in Gran Paradiso and how happy we are with our new Sam Rodgers home. We value the freedom we had to select finishes and add options that were important to us.  Sam Rogers’ team of employees from the sales people to the design center to the construction foreman have been very helpful, nice, and professional.”

The Verrill’s

Jorges Testimonial pic

From Terri Verrill:

“I am so delighted with my new home built by Sam Rodgers.  I was moving down from Maryland with my Mom and searching for a builder that could be flexible with making structural changes.  Sam Rodgers assisted us with making 3 structural changes at very reasonable costs. We were ecstatic that we could have 2 master baths in our house! Additionally, I enjoyed working with every member of the Sam Rodgers team.  The communication inside the organization was impressive! Anyone I spoke with could answer any questions I had which enabled me to have a smooth and stress free building process. I would recommend this builder to anyone thinking of moving to the area!”

Fall is in The Air

Fall Festival Blog Post

In most areas of the country, there is an obvious change of season as the air becomes cooler, sweaters come out of closets, colors change, and leaves drop from trees. But in Florida, Fall arrives in a much more subtle way.

You really have to know what to look for to observe the seasonal change.

At some point in late September or more likely mid October an early season cool front will arrive, bringing drier air and cooler temperatures. The rainy season comes to a close and the skies take on a more intense blue color. The days grow shorter, the angle of the light changes and shadows lengthen. It is time to get outdoors.

The biggest change will be the lower humidity. If you want to go outside to play this is an ideal time of year – tennis, golf, running, biking, walking, swimming – you name it. It’s time to take full advantage of the shift in seasons.

So what if most of the trees are still lush and green! At Sam Rodgers Homes, we’re taking advantage and celebrating the season with a Fall Festival at GreyHawk Landing! It will be fun for the whole family with music, pumpkins, cider, face painting and a food truck. Plus! Enter to win a 50 inch smart tv!

Please join us!
When: Saturday, October 12, 2019, 11am – 3pm.
Where: GreyHawk Landing
12613 Goldenrod Ave, Bradenton, FL 34212