Buying Process

Buying a home is one of the largest and most important considerations a family undertakes, whether it is their first home or one of many home purchases. At Sam Rodgers Homes, we want the decision to buy a new residence to be the joyful and exciting experience it should be. Beginning with the very first meeting, our seasoned team works closely with clients to clear the path for the kind of stressless decision-making – whether about the size of the home, the location or the design. –

The Sam Rodgers Buying Process takes prospects through five phases:

Buying Process

During each phase, we help clients carefully evaluate all the options available to them to ensure the best possible fit from every possible angle. Because Sam Rodgers Homes’ team has worked in this area for 50 years, we have the local knowledge, contacts, and experience to bring the best resources to the table every step of the way. These can include anything from architects, craftsmen and designers to lenders, title companies and mortgage specialists.

We view our job as one of stress relief for our clients. We want to take the uncertainty out of the construction process by offering an array of choices that make the right selection easily recognized. Everything we do – from design and construction to loan structure and lending institution — is completely customized for each individual client.

See what our former clients say about the Sam Rodgers Homes Buying Process on our Testimonials page. Or simply call us at Gran Paradiso 941.234.0447 and Grey Hawk Landing 941.896.4813 or email us to learn how we’ll work with you.