7 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home—Not a Resale One

When home buyers consider what they want in a new home, a few “biggies” may come to mind–a “new home feel,” savings on bills, and the opportunity to personalize a home to your liking.

While there are “two types” of new homes–those that have previously been occupied (used) and those that are yet to be lived in (brand new)–features like the ones listed above are exclusive to the latter group. In fact, many of these brand new homes are yet to be built.

Much like buying a used home, buying a brand new home has its pros and cons. At the end of the day, however, purchasing a brand new home is the way to go. Here are seven reasons why.

Easier to Purchase
In all reality, most home builders have their own financing departments because it makes it easier for builders to obtain a mortgage. If buyers want to avoid doing the heavy lifting of acquiring a mortgage, then buying a brand new home is more advantageous. Why? Because the home builder has a vested interest in getting you financing.

In addition, there is not as much competition among buyers for brand new homes–because buyers are likely exploring their options within brand new neighborhoods, that means more options to choose from.

Make it Yours
One of the most exciting aspects about purchasing a brand new home is the ability to personalize it. Unique design is a benefit exclusive to new home buyers, as they are able to rearrange areas of the home as well as select the material of some interior features. While resale homes are built with interior features that someone else already selected, newly built homes offer countertops, cabinets, and home appliances that can be altered to the taste of the new home buyer.

Save Green
With energy efficient initiatives finding their way into the real estate market, newly-built homes are much more energy efficient than homes built in the past ten years. Between new energy efficient features like solar panel roofs, triple-pane windows, and thermostats controllable from a cell phone, new homes offer what resale homes lack–short and long term energy savings.

Air Quality
With stricter, heightened air quality standards setting the pace for new home builders, new home buyers are reaping the benefits–with high-performance air filtration and energy efficiency, buyers of brand new homes can enjoy better interior air quality at more convenient rates.

Less Home Maintenance
With more modern home designs (more open floor plans and higher ceilings), today’s new homes reflect more modern home lifestyles. Additionally, contemporary homes built with more cutting-edge features also require less upkeep from homeowners. With everything in mint condition and proper working order, there is no need for repairs. Like newer vehicles compared to older ones, newer homes don’t demand the frequent maintenance and upkeep often demanded by resale homes.

Safety & Security
While some resale homes offer a handful of up-to-date features, most resale homes simply cannot offer the type of safety and security features that brand new homes can. With state-of-the-art technology like new circuit breakers, electric garage doors, home fire systems and updated home security systems, owners of brand new homes don’t need to worry as much about safety and security. Instead, they can rest easy.

What Really Matters
Being the first one to step foot into a home that’s 100% yours is one of the best parts of purchasing a new home. The emotional connection of owning and maintaining a personalized home that is all yours is undoubtedly a special feeling and one that will stick with you and your family forever.

Buying a brand new home is more than taking care of practical home needs–it offers numerous advantages like increased home safety, plenty of opportunities to save on bills, and the luxury of a personalized touch that resale homes can only hope to offer.

Those features, in fact, are the luxury of buying a brand new Sam Rodgers home.

Explore a diverse range of beautiful home designs, find one you’d like to personalize, and be the first to step inside a brand new place to call your own.

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