Reflections, Rejoicing, and Resolutions: a Toast to the Holidays

On behalf of our entire Sam Rodgers family, we are thrilled to wish you and yours a happy holiday season. At Sam Rodgers Homes, the overarching sentiment behind every blueprint and build is the importance of living in the moment. There’s no denying that, this past year, living in the moment has meant something different for us all. In the midst of lifestyle changes, unforeseen struggles, and a number of difficult circumstances, we have been reminded to value what really matters: the moments that make us who we are, the friends and family who shape us, and the homes where we make the memories that we carry with us forever. This season, we’re looking back at the lessons of the past year and reflecting on the gratitude we’ll bring with us into the year ahead.


Home is in the Moments – Live in Them

2020 was the year of staying home. More importantly, it was the year when many of us defined what home means to us. For some, the four walls around them were simply a place to stay; home was found in the Zoom calls and late-night FaceTime with loved ones across the country. For others, home was the quality time spent playing board games, bickering over puzzles, or bringing old family recipes to life for the first time in years. For each of us, the definition of home was a little bit different, but for all of us, it wasn’t nearly as much about the physical location as it was about the moments shared and memories made. At Sam Rodgers Homes, that’s been our belief for a long time; it’s why each of homes is thoughtfully designed to set the stage for your family’s memories to be made. Whether it’s laughing over baking fails in your state-of-the-art kitchen or having heartfelt conversations over themed dinners with the family, we believe that your house is the foundation, but your family makes it a home.


The Most Wonderful Time

The holidays are always a time of reflection and gratitude – an opportunity to take stock of the blessings in our lives and look forward to the new ones to come. Though this holiday season may look a little bit different for some of us, its spirit of thankfulness and joy is more palpable than ever. If this year has made us realize anything, it’s that the most special gifts in our lives are the people who are with us through it all – even if they can’t physically be there. Whether you’re exchanging gifts with your extended family or participating in a virtual reunion to remember, you deserve to celebrate the things – and people – that truly matter this season. At Sam Rodgers Homes, we believe that the best holidays are the ones spent celebrating what makes your family unique. From spacious outdoor seating areas used for your signature family game nights to open floor plans so that no one has to be excluded from the conversation while preparing a beautiful holiday feast, your home’s features should make it easy to make memories that last with the people that matter.


Look to the Possibilities Ahead

The magic of the holidays comes in the shape of electric anticipation for what’s to come. This isn’t the time to leave behind the struggles and victories of the past year; it’s the time to carry the lessons we have learned through it all closely with us as we move forward into the future. One of the biggest lessons that this past year has brought us is that none of us can anticipate what’s to come. With that said, there’s one thing we can remain sure of: no matter what that might be, we can always count on home – whatever it looks like to each of us – to be there to welcome us.

As our eventful year comes to a close, we are more grateful than ever for the families who call Sam Rodgers Homes home. We look forward to the countless special memories that are sure to come, and we hope that you and your loved ones will make many of them this holiday season. Happy holidays!


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