Summer Home Shopping?

Get the Most out of the Market with Sam Rodgers Homes.


The sunniest time of year is tailor-made for exploring new neighborhoods, walking through potential dream homes, and daydreaming about future patio parties with family and friends.


Before you begin any serious home shopping, however, understand where the housing market sits with buyers, and know what you can do to ensure you walk away with the best price for your home (and the most bang for your buck!).


This summer, the national housing market is looking as buyer-friendly as it has all spring. While list prices and home sales have both been on the rise in 2018, it’s actually a prime time to house hunt.


Many people fall into the trap of, “why not wait for the weather (and prices) to cool down before shopping around?” or “why battle the crowds and bidding wars if we’re not in a rush to move?”


Here’s why: as long as you can stand the heat of a little competition, there are distinct advantages to home shopping during the hottest season in residential real estate.


Check out these four facts, tips, and good-to-knows to get the most out of this year’s summer housing market.


1) Prices begin to drop in the summer

With more homes available, buyers reap the benefits of the season’s adverse effects: home prices start to come down, home sales start to increase, and buyers enjoy a bit more leverage.


In less competitive markets, buyers can take advantage at the negotiating table and, if need be, walk away with the knowledge and peace of mind that more homes are waiting to be viewed just around the corner.


If you’ve singled out a home and you’re highly interested in moving forward, there are other ways to negotiate outside of writing a check—generous contingencies such as a shorter closing period, inspection period, or drafting a well-written offer letter can help you shine a bit brighter among other offers sprawled across the table.


2) Summer may be ideal for buying and selling at the same time

If you need to sell your current home before buying a new one, it’s easier to handle this balancing act during the summer months. Instead of getting pinned down by two concurrent mortgages, you can enjoy a more seamless transition in busier market—if a home must be sold before you can buy, the home will be more likely to sell (and potentially at a good price), enabling the new home purchase to happen sooner.


Keep in mind, however, that these transactions don’t happen overnight. If you’re planning to pull off a quick upgrade, get ready as soon as possible so you’re free to make your move in summer.


3) Waiting to buy until summer can minimize change in your family’s routine

With kids out of school in summer, be intentional about bringing them into the homebuying process with you—let them tag along during showings, ask their thoughts on each potential home, and get them as excited as you are!


Getting your children involved in these types of decisions (which school they’ll attend, where they’ll spend recreational time, etc.) helps them adapt more quickly while reassuring you that this is the right move for everyone involved.


Get in early, meet your new neighbors during the summer, and try to make new friends before the school year starts.


4) Get to know the lay of the land

When the weather is warm and the days are longer, doing a little “detective work” is much more enjoyable!


With trees and flowers in full bloom, step onto your back porch and envision all the fun to come—pool parties, BBQs, late-night hangouts, and everything in between! With more neighbors out and about, you’ll get a better feel for the community vibe.


In competitive markets, you may be tempted to make an offer on any available property that comes close what you’re looking for in a home… pump the brakes! Buying a home is a massive financial move, and it’s worth it to take the time to make sure you’re in love with a home you’re about to purchase. Do some community scouting before making an offer!


Here’s the good news: if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for with other homes, you will find it with Sam Rodgers Homes—while many builders say no to customization, Sam says YES!


How do we know you’ll find what you’re looking for? Every Sam Rodgers master-planned community is centrally located for easy access to top Florida schools, luxury shopping malls, exceptional dining, serene beaches, and the best amusement parks in Florida.


With community clubhouses, fitness centers, and pools, a new Sam Rodgers home will feel like a resort-style vacation for you and your family all year long. Before you buy somewhere else, be sure to visit Sam Rodgers Homes and take advantage of the housing market this summer to land your dream home.


Get in touch with us today and schedule a tour in one of our beautiful model homes.


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