Top Custom Upgrades for Modern Home Exteriors

Get in front of the curb for your curb appeal! From the back and front yard to new roofing, you want the exterior of your humble abode to be as welcoming as the interior. Ask Sam Rodgers Homes to see optional elevations and even combine elements from each to build your perfect home.


When looking at the exterior of your home, what is the first thing you notice? That’s right, the color. Some will use vibrant and whimsical color to stand out from the neighborhood, while others will use neutral colors for a more modern look. But have
you thought of adding mixed materials? We’re not talking about your typical brick house. Stone provides a classic and natural appearance to the home. Stone has proven over time that it is not only one of the most durable materials to use in home building, but it has recently become a statement piece for the exterior of your home.


Now let’s talk about the hat of your home– the roof. Often overlooked when designing a home, your roof is incredibly crucial, think about it. Your roof is what protects your home from all the elements. So why not show your roof some love too? From energy efficient roofing to lighter colored shingles, your roof may be the biggest and most important investment you’ll make for your home.

Backyard Space

While Southwest Florida is famed to be a 365-day beach destination, the weather does cool down as autumn rolls around. Unlike our friends from up north, outdoor activities in Florida can be enjoyed year-round. Lanais are the best way to bring your parties outside. A lanai is a covered porch or patio space, perfect for outdoor living. Dine al-fresco, cool down on a hot summer day or enjoy your morning coffee. Once you experience West Florida outdoor living, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

With each and every home we design and build, Sam Rodgers Homes takes into consideration every detail, the long-term investment for the buyers, and the elements that make living in Florida a truly enjoyable experience. Because every Sam Rodgers home can be customized exactly how you envisioned it, our team of home building professionals will assist you with everything from planning to closing on your dream home. When other builders say no to custom home features, Sam Says Yes.

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