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Top Custom Upgrades for Modern Luxury Kitchens

As one of the most used rooms in a home— and one of the biggest selling points—the kitchen is essentially the centerpiece of the home. It’s the place where you make meals for your family, craft up cocktails with your friends, and entertain your favorite guests. Whether you are looking for a full chef’s kitchen or a traditional gas stove, Sam Rodgers has the tools to give you the kitchen of your dreams.


For decades, luxurious granite countertops have been a staple for Sam Rodgers Homes. From kitchen to bathroom countertops, granite has won a host of awards for its smooth, sturdy, and luxury feel. Quartz, a newer, trendier countertop material, is taking homes by storm–including Sam Rodgers Homes–and for good reason. Quartz countertops are known for their durability, strength, and surfacing that is built to last. While at the end of the day it’s all home buyer preference, we build our homes with quartz and granite countertops because of their strength, durability, and beautiful design elements they bring to any room.


Perhaps the most versatile space in the room, an island can take your kitchen from decent, to spectacular (and practical!). Need a place to roll out cookie dough? Island. Looking for a place to read the morning paper during breakfast? Island. You get the gist. Whether granite, walnut wood, or another luxe-looking material, a beautiful island is a kitchen’s best-kept secret. From a breakfast bar to a waterfall design, the kitchen island allows the “hostess with the mostest” to entertain guests without missing the fun.


Storage is one of the most important and most crucial elements in a kitchen. Assisting with kitchen organization, making cooking more efficient, and keeping clean up time to a minimum, your cabinets are a vital component in every home. Over time, cabinets have become more than just storage space in your kitchen. Cabinets are a staple in every kitchen. Whether your style is all white, dark with gold fixtures or even open shelving, cabinetry really ties the look of a kitchen together.

At Sam Rodgers Homes, our kitchen designs are customizable and personalized from the largest fixtures to the smallest details. Our Design Studio team is always ready to address your kitchen needs and preferences.
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