Top of the Countertops: Quartz vs. Granite

For decades, luxurious granite countertops have been a staple for Sam Rodgers Homes. From kitchen to bathroom countertops, granite has won a host of awards for its smooth, sturdy, and luxury feel.


But there’s a new countertop in town. Quartz, a newer, trendier countertop material, is taking homes by storm–including Sam Rodgers Homes–and for good reason. When buyers are determining a selection for their home, multiple factors come into play.


We’ve listed out the pros and cons for both countertop options below to illustrate why our homes contain quartz countertops.


Quartz Pros
Strength & Durability – As literally one of the strongest materials on the planet, quartz is sure to last long term without being prone to damage, scratches, or blemishes.


Surfacing Built to Last – Quartz’s surfacing is naturally non-porous. This means it doesn’t require any sealing throughout its life.


Tangibles – Not only is quartz naturally non-staining, but its colors are uniform and consistent. Its seams can also be hidden fairly easily.


Quartz Cons
Prone to Fade – If exposed to direct sunlight (especially during dry season in the Sunshine State), quartz colors may be prone to light fading.


Size – Quartz usually comes in smaller slab sizes compared to granite, so it’s not always fit to scale.


Granite Pros
Credibility – Granite is a well-known product in thousands of homes across Florida. Recognized for its clean, modern, and rich look, granite is often regarded as luxurious and one-of-a-kind.


Movement – Granite naturally has plenty of movement (natural wave patterns) in its slabs, giving your countertop plenty of character and unique, artistic design.


Selling Feature – There’s a reason granite is often a top marketing and selling feature in a home. It looks great in nearly any kitchen!


Granite Cons
Inconsistent Colors – Unlike quartz, granite lacks color consistency in its wave patterns. Some countertop slabs may be sprinkled with random color instead of maintaining the same four or five consistent colors.


Sealing required – Plain and simple, granite requires sealing.


Inaccurate Samples – Once in awhile, the sample granite a buyer sees in a show home often does not look like the full slab.


While it’s all home buyer preference at the end of the day, we build our homes with quartz countertops because of their strength, durability, and beautiful design elements they bring to any room.


At Sam Rodgers Homes, we pride ourselves on knowing the benefits of the products we offer and their current state in our design studio.


Want to see beautiful quartz countertops in action? Explore our inventory homes and our new, upcoming luxury models!


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