Tour a Sam Rodgers Model Home Anytime, from Anywhere!


Tour a Sam Rodgers Model Home Anytime, from Anywhere!

Nothing is better than seeing the quality of a Sam Rodgers Home in person, but a virtual tour allows you to see the space in-depth without having to physically travel to our location. You can view the homes almost like you would in person and decide which one you really want to come see up close.

From the comfort of your own couch you can imagine yourself in the space walking from room to room, and rotating a full 360 degrees, not only from left to right, but you can even look up at our unique vaulted ceilings and down at our exquisite floors. Want to experience the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces? You can do that too! Simply make your way to the pocket sliding glass doors or the numerous windows that create a particularly cheery ambiance.

How do you do it? First click the play button to load your tour. In order to get the full experience, you will want to open full screen mode. To do that click the three dots in the lower right of the window for the home of your choice. Once you click you will see three icons. The bottom one is full screen mode. Click it and prepare for your virtual experience.

The tour starts in walk-through view where you can go anywhere in the house with the click of a mouse. The circles on the floor will guide you where to click and walk or you can hold the mouse button down and slide to the left, right, up or down to look in other directions.

Once you’ve explored every room of the house you can try a few more features. On the bottom left of your screen you will see three more icons. The one on the left is called dollhouse mode and will let you see a 3D view of each room in relationship to the home. Hold the mouse button sown and spin it around any way you want and click to enter any room of your choice.

The second icon is floor plan view which gives you a 2D view from above. This may give you a more natural assessment of each rooms location and how they adjoin. You can also click to enter any room back into walk-thru mode.

The third icon is the measurement mode. You can use the tape measure in this mode if you are curious about the actual dimensions of the desired space. Hit the plus sign to start measuring, then click the points you want to measure. Click the check mark to end your measurement and hit the “X” to leave measurement mode and you will be back in walk-thru mode.

When you are done exploring this home and want to see another simply click the full screen icon in the bottom right corner or hit the “esc”, escape key on the top left of your keyboard.

You can also share this tour with someone or view it in full VR mode if you have VR Goggles by clicking the appropriate icons. We’ll leave some of the details to learn and practice more on your own.

Now you’re ready to take a virtual tour of a Sam Rodgers Home.

Just CLICK HERE and choose a home.