Cook Family, Florida

From Phil and Deborah Cook, Florida:

“Having lived in Florida full time for 15 years and owning an Arthur Rutenburg home, when we decided to down size and build our own home we knew we wanted another Rutenburg or Sam Rodgers home. When we visited the models in Grand Paradiso we instantly fell in love with the Bellisimo. After talking with Larry Love a few times, we decided that was the house we wanted to build. Larry was wonderful. He drove us around to look at lots until we finally picked one out. We then told him about some changes we wanted to make to the house and he went over everything with us, quite a few times I must admit. While waiting for our existing house to sell and our new house to be built, we would drop in and see Larry all the time (poor guy). He was always smiling and anxious to hear how the sale of our existing home was going or not going. We probably drove him nuts always stopping by but I know he truly cared about what we were going through and we sure thank him for that and for being so patient with us. As with any new home, there were some things that were not quite right and after talking with Kevin all was taken care of. Nothing is too small for them to fix. Larry would always stop by too and see how things were going and still does. Lucky for him we are all moved in and he can get a break from seeing us every other day. We love our house and know that it is a Sam Rodgers Quality home inside and out! Philip & Deborah Cook”