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Sam Rodgers Homes Are Still Selling Despite the Coronavirus

Sales started off very strong in March, but by the middle of the month, demand dropped dramatically, however it is nothing like the last recession. We’re continuing development and we’re still putting inventory in the ground. We’re just doing it more strategically.

We have embraced what is now becoming the new normal for the wider real estate industry – going virtual.  In both Sam Rodgers Homes Communities, GreyHawk Landing in Bradenton, and Gran Paradiso in Venice, we have made our models available for online virtual tours. These tours allow you to simulate a home walk-thru, interactively, choosing where to walk and how you want to explore. They also allow you to look up at the ceiling, down at the floors, out the windows and spin 360 within each room. We have an up-to-date site map available to choose from available lots as well. With these features you can enjoy browsing and learning the details you want to know from the comfort of your own couch. Click HERE to take a tour.

outdoor kitchen in greyhawk landing

Yes, from virtual tours to FaceTime showings, we’re still selling homes in the current environment. After the initial online shopping and questions are answered online and by phone, many homebuyers will drive through the community to get a feel for it and when they see what Sam Rodgers’ Homes have to offer they can’t help but fall in love. Most buyers have still wanted to see homes in person at that point and schedule private tours which we have made individual to them with no other customers present. During those appointments we have refrained from handshaking and practiced social distancing, plus taken extra steps to clean and sanitize high-touch point locations (door handles, restrooms, etc.) between appointments.

Although the virus has increased the favor of online shopping over foot traffic to our sales centers, builders have been selling homes remotely for years. The pivot today is that the tools that builders have at their disposal are substantially different than they used to be. It makes the process so transparent and frictionless for the consumer, that we’re actually seeing a transition that benefits the market beyond the coronavirus. The trend is sure to continue even after the virus. In addition to virtual, and online options, sellers and buyers have been granting power of attorney to their real estate lawyers, and closings are conducted with only the essential people present.  Documents can be passed along via messengers or scanned and electronically signed using DocuSign. Even remote online notary services, are now available in Florida allowing title searches and closings to be conducted entirely online.

outdoor patio greyhawk landing

This all being said we’re better positioned to take advantage of an economic recovery than we were in the Recession. Back then, we had systematic issues with home building, and the mortgage industry was a disaster. We’ve learned to be disciplined about putting the right amount of homes on the market at any given time and not creating an excess supply. So generally speaking, we believe the industry is set up to recover. When that occurs is anybody’s guess.

We can tell you that we’ve had a ton of hits on our virtual home tours. We’ve scheduled a surprising number of virtual appointments leading to sales, and lately we have even begun to notice more foot traffic. Homebuyers, no doubt are tired of staying home and are already coming back to explore our communities. We’d like to think that people are attracted to the safety and security we’ve offered and with the especially low interest rates, buying a new luxury home like the ones offered by Sam Rodgers Homes seems to be irresistible.

If things continue to recover like this, our existing communities will be sold out in no time. Grand Paradiso is getting down to the last few premium lots while GreyHawk Landing isn’t too far behind.

For limited opportunities in Gran Paradiso,
please View Our Homes Now or Call Nancy Jorges at 941.303.8411

And for interest in Sam Rodgers Homes at GreyHawk Landing,
please Click Here or call Vivian Militello at 941-304-0765.

Tour a Sam Rodgers Model Home Anytime, from Anywhere!


Tour a Sam Rodgers Model Home Anytime, from Anywhere!

Nothing is better than seeing the quality of a Sam Rodgers Home in person, but a virtual tour allows you to see the space in-depth without having to physically travel to our location. You can view the homes almost like you would in person and decide which one you really want to come see up close.

From the comfort of your own couch you can imagine yourself in the space walking from room to room, and rotating a full 360 degrees, not only from left to right, but you can even look up at our unique vaulted ceilings and down at our exquisite floors. Want to experience the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces? You can do that too! Simply make your way to the pocket sliding glass doors or the numerous windows that create a particularly cheery ambiance.

How do you do it? First click the play button to load your tour. In order to get the full experience, you will want to open full screen mode. To do that click the three dots in the lower right of the window for the home of your choice. Once you click you will see three icons. The bottom one is full screen mode. Click it and prepare for your virtual experience.

The tour starts in walk-through view where you can go anywhere in the house with the click of a mouse. The circles on the floor will guide you where to click and walk or you can hold the mouse button down and slide to the left, right, up or down to look in other directions.

Once you’ve explored every room of the house you can try a few more features. On the bottom left of your screen you will see three more icons. The one on the left is called dollhouse mode and will let you see a 3D view of each room in relationship to the home. Hold the mouse button sown and spin it around any way you want and click to enter any room of your choice.

The second icon is floor plan view which gives you a 2D view from above. This may give you a more natural assessment of each rooms location and how they adjoin. You can also click to enter any room back into walk-thru mode.

The third icon is the measurement mode. You can use the tape measure in this mode if you are curious about the actual dimensions of the desired space. Hit the plus sign to start measuring, then click the points you want to measure. Click the check mark to end your measurement and hit the “X” to leave measurement mode and you will be back in walk-thru mode.

When you are done exploring this home and want to see another simply click the full screen icon in the bottom right corner or hit the “esc”, escape key on the top left of your keyboard.

You can also share this tour with someone or view it in full VR mode if you have VR Goggles by clicking the appropriate icons. We’ll leave some of the details to learn and practice more on your own.

Now you’re ready to take a virtual tour of a Sam Rodgers Home.

Just CLICK HERE and choose a home.



The Heart is Where the Home Is, Now More than Ever

In these unprecedented times, our first instinct can be to focus on the ways in which our lives have been thrown off course. However, when times are toughest, we find our thoughts turning to the ways in which our families and communities manage to find light – often by creating it themselves. As we continue to hunker down with our loved ones and do our part for neighbors, friends, and community members, we experience a massive shift in perspective. Where our days used to be organized around work and social obligations, they are now less structured – or, to put it better, they are structured differently. 

What do we do without the hour-long commutes either way, without the organized chaos of the morning school run, without the breakroom chit-chats around which we developed our schedules? The obvious answer, of course, is kind of anti-climactic: stay home. What else? 

Well, it seems like the longer we stay home, we find new opportunities to rediscover it – to re-examine our relationship to the place and people who are so easy to take for granted in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We find that living at home and existing at home are two entirely different things – and we find ourselves, seemingly out of the blue, with the time to explore what that means to us. 

To some families, it meant diving right into the kinds of pastimes that hadn’t been experienced in years: puzzles, movie nights, monopoly matches, and a host of other activities that the kitchen island feels made for. For others, it meant really getting to relax on the couch for the first time in forever, and for others it was finally getting some use out of that home equipment. It’s been meals made from scratch, friendly competition, inevitable bickering, and lounging in the sunny backyard. Maybe it’s been a combination of all of these things or none at all. Maybe your family is still adjusting to this new normal, which is OK, too. 

We won’t minimize the worries that come with this uncertain time, but feeling this weight doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy that old family recipe that hasn’t seen the light of day in forever or those old home movies that you had to break out the DVD Player for. It means appreciating these small but powerful moments of joy, laughter, and togetherness even more – because, for the first time in a long time, we’re able to truly give them the time and attention they’re worth. 

Home is a special thing to us, and we’ve been in the business of creating homes for a long time. Through it all, one thing has rung true – and, though we’ve never been in a situation quite like this, it rings truer than ever: the moments we have at home become the pillars of who we are. These are the memories that bring us comfort, encouragement, and joy. Even when things go back to normal and we inevitably revel in the opportunity to go back out into the world full-throttle and leave home at last, we can be sure about one thing: inevitably, there’ll be a time – and probably earlier on than we think – when we can’t wait to come back. That’s the beauty of home, and that’s the magic we see in every home we build. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Sam Rodgers Homes and how we help make that magic come to life, reach out to us.

We are available by phone and to schedule virtual meetings, showing you our home features, and answering questions as we go. If you would like to come in to view a model, we can schedule individual appointment times, unique to you where no other customers would be present and where safety and social distancing will be practiced.

For interest in Gran Paradiso
Please Call Nancy Jorges at 602.531.2274

For interest in GreyHawk Landing, please call
Vivian Militello at 941.304.0765

Covid-19 Update from Sam Rodgers Homes

In order to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of Florida citizens Governor Ron DeSantis issued a mandatory safer-at-home order for the entire state of Florida for the next 30 days. The order states that movements and personal interactions outside of the home are limited to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities. Despite all efforts to practice social distancing, as of Thursday, April 2nd, we will no longer be able keep our sales offices and model homes open.

We are available by phone and to schedule virtual meetings, showing you features, and answering questions as we go. If it is determined to be absolutely necessary, we can schedule individual appointment times unique to you where no other customers would be present.

This is expected to be in effect through April 30th, but this is a rapidly-evolving situation and we will post any changes to this protocol as conditions warrant. In the meantime, we know that with interest rates at nearly all-time lows, you may now want to secure your dream home, and we will make ourselves available to you in every way possible.

For interest in Sam Rodgers Homes at Gran Paradiso,
please call Nancy Jorges at 941.303.8411.

For interest in Sam Rodgers Homes at GreyHawk Landing,
please call Vivian Militello at 941.304.0765.

Together we will get through this.
Stay safe and healthy.

The Potential Benefits of Buying a Model Leaseback

Model homes – most of us have visited one at one time or another, and those of us who have visited one have likely dreamed of it being ours. Model homes represent everything that’s new and exciting about homeownership: they’re usually in the perfect location, with the ideal layout, decked out with all the upgrades, and – of course – decorated perfectly. “Wow,” we think to ourselves. “This house makes the stressful, tedious process of moving feel completely, absolutely worth it.” We’re willing to bet that most people don’t know that these idyllic model homes are actually available for purchase. It’s probably one of the best-kept secrets in real estate, but it’s true: model homes are up for sale. Usually, this game-changing knowledge is only transferred by word-of-mouth, and it’s a testament to the desirability of model homes that word-of-mouth is usually enough to get them to sell. 


There are so many benefits of buying a model home. We’ve listed just a few of the major ones below. 


Models are usually built in most ideal locations in the neighborhood. This makes the homes easy to find, unobstructed, and offers some of the neighborhood’s best views, and they are placed on the most sought-after home sites.


Often crafted with all the available upgrades, model homes are top-notch and can come at a more reasonable price than a custom build.


Model homes are decorated by professional designers – and many times buyers have the opportunity to purchase these beautiful furnishings at a discounted price.


In addition to the above benefits, some of the most compelling benefits of buying a model home are actually unexpected:


Leaseback opportunities
The mortgage on your model home purchase could be covered by receiving rental income from Sam Rodgers Homes during the leaseback period, and depending on the financials of your deal, you could be making money right off the bat. If the thought of being a landlord makes you cringe, no problem, with the builder as your tenant, you can count on it being maintained in pristine condition.


Long term investment
When you purchase a model home, you lock in your interest rate – and you may even be able to keep the home as a rental property after your builder’s lease ends, which means  continuing to receive a monthly rental income. Or, of course, you can reap the benefits of this dream home full-time by making it your personal residence.  


Real estate tax breaks
Just like any other real estate investment, deductions are possible for “ordinary” expenses such as mortgage interest, property tax, depreciation and repairs, as well as “necessary” expenses such as interest, maintenance, utilities, and insurance.


Long and short term capital gains
If you do decide to sell the property, there’s a chance it will sell for more than you purchased it for. Additionally, depending on the length of time you own the property, you could benefit from a reduced tax rate or even qualify for a zero percent long-term capital gains rate.





Interested? Good!

We’re thrilled to share with you five homes that are available as Model Leasebacks in our Bradenton community of GreyHawk Landing. These homes feature the highest technological upgrades, beautifully designed decor, and a variety of other features that make them some of the most desirable properties in the area. To see our highest-demand available model homes, don’t hesitate to click here.


Early 2020 Events in Sarasota, Bradenton & Venice

The Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice area is full of culture, fine dining & luxury homes. It is also a place that thrives on a unique vibe all its own. You might not think of south Florida when you think of the most “happening” places in the United States, but there’s more happening here than meets the eye. Just browse all these events, already scheduled to start off the new year.



Manatee County Fair, Jan. 16-26
The Manatee County fair is a wholesome community tradition packed with an endless variety of things to see, do and eat. The fair truly has something for everyone from your favorite midway action to livestock, and live music acts including Grammy-winning country and bluegrass stars. Info:

Sarasota Seafood & Music Festival, Jan. 15-17
Bring family and friends to enjoy fresh seafood and outstanding live musical performances in downtown Sarasota’s J.D. Hamel Park, with vendors offering beer and other beverages. Info:

Embracing Our Differences, Jan. 18-April 5
Since 2004, Embracing Our Differences has featured 50 billboard-sized works of art, each accompanied by an inspirational quote, in downtown Sarasota’s Bayfront Park. Info:

Forks & Corks, Jan. 23-27
The Sarasota-Manatee Originals’ 13th annual event will feature numerous winemaker events ranging from upscale dinners to wine tastings and samplings in the spectacular courtyard of The Ringling Museum of Art. Info:



St. Barbara Greek Festival ‘Glendi,’ Feb. 6-9
St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church hosts this celebration of Greek culture, now in its 36th year. It includes authentic foods, folk dancing, crafts, live music and a Kids zone Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday. Info:

Circus Sarasota, Feb. 7-March 1
Circus Sarasota presents 33 performances under the Red and White Big Top full of elegance, excitement and unforgettable moments. The 2020 show will feature artistry on the flag pole and single trapeze, fast-paced Alanian riders on horseback, hand-to-hand acrobatics, juggling and much more. Info:

Bradenton Area River Regatta, Feb. 8
This annual free event featuring boat races and fireworks on the Manatee River, as well as live music and other family-friendly activities, has become one of the largest spectator events in Southwest Florida since 2014. Info:

Thunder by the Bay, Feb. 14-16
The 22nd annual Thunder By The Bay Music & Motorcycle Festival will return to the Sarasota Fairgrounds with headlining pop-metal band Warrant performing such hits as “Cherry Pie”. Info:

Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival, Feb. 15-16
Nestled along north Sarasota Bay, Cortez is one the few remaining commercial fishing villages in Florida and an excellent place to eat fresh seafood and hear local live music. Nearly 20,000 locals and vacationers attend this event each year. Info:

Venice Italian Feast & Carnival, Feb. 20-23
The 32nd Venice Italian Feast & Carnival at the Venice Airport Festival Grounds will feature four days of Italian food and family fun, including midway rides, games, and live music, in a city with strong ties to its Old World namesake. Info:



ArtSlam, March 7
This free, family-friendly event features dozens of teams of students and creatives bringing art to downtown Bradenton’s Old Main Street. Attendees are also encouraged to engage in the creative process. Info:

Sarasota Jazz Festival, March 8-14
Expect a lineup of top-shelf national and regional acts at the Jazz Club of Sarasota’s 40th annual festival, with Grammy-winning jazz vocal group The Manhattan Transfer. Info:

Sarasota County Fair, March 13-22
The 84th annual Sarasota County Fair is a 10-day event each March and features Rides, Entertainment, Crafts, Horticulture, Science Fair, Livestock and Auction. Info:

Suncoast BBQ & Bluegrass Bash, March 27-28
The 11th annual barbecue and bluegrass festival returns to Venice Airport Festival Grounds with another world-class pairing of barbecue and bluegrass. Info:

Sarasota Film Festival, March 27-April 5
The SFF is an international film festival, now in its 22nd year. It showcases the best in independent film, thought-provoking documentaries and youth programming. Tickets go on sale Thursday, March 21, for members and cinephiles and Saturday, March 23, to the public. Info:


If you already live or vacation in the area, we hope you’ll enjoy these events in the gorgeous, dry and breezy days of West Florida’s winter. If you or your friends are ready to consider building a home in Sarasota-Manatee please consider Sam Rodgers Homes.

Within Sarasota-Manatee, Sam Rodgers Homes builds its finest homes. With each and every home design, Sam Rodgers Homes considers the details, the long-term investment on the buyer’s end, and the elements that make Florida outdoor living truly enjoyable in one of the finest counties in the state.

Because every Sam Rodgers home can be customized exactly how you imagined it, there’s no better outdoor living experience in West Florida. When other builders say no to custom home features, Sam Says Yes.


Holiday Hosting: A Survival Guide for You and Your New Home

Holiday party of family eating and drinking wine

Is it your turn to host the holidays for your family this year? We can help with some tips to keep your new home orderly, whether your guests stay for just hours or several days.

  • If you have guests coming from out of town, create an overnight kit before they arrive, including towels, toiletries, and any other items that will make them comfortable so you’re not scrambling to get them items as needed.
  • If you’re concerned about dirty feet on your carpet, provide inexpensive footwear for your guests, for example, slippers, or fun holiday socks to wear throughout your home during your celebration. These also serve as nice gifts or party favors.
  • Serve light-colored drinks, the light colors will not stain your carpet as easily, and will help you maintain the “newness” of your  home. Why spend more resources and energy trying to fix something or prevent an unwanted situation while you could use little efforts to avoid its occurrence?
  • If dark-colored drinks like wine are a must, encourage your guests to drink those in a place in your home without carpet, for example, the kitchen or on the lanai.
  • Make a list to keep yourself organized of everything you need to prepare, and make as much of your list ahead of time as you can so you have time to relax and enjoy your guests. The freezer is a great tool to help you get ahead of the game.

The holidays are a time of sharing and enjoying life with those you hold closest to you. The last thing you need is to worry about is your home and ruining the new features that you’ve worked so hard to attain.

Show off your beautiful Sam Rodgers home to your friends and family this holiday season while keeping your home like new, and avoiding unnecessary stress.

What Most Custom Builders Won’t Tell You

Construction worker viewing image of home layout

Ready to build a home? While the home building process is an exhilarating experience, there are many things to take into consideration. The most important factor? Selecting a homebuilder. When choosing a builder, there are many factors to evaluate. Though determining to work with a homebuilder that charges the least or a family friend may seem like the obvious choice, you have to remember that in those circumstances, you get what you pay for. Before deciding to work with a homebuilder, be sure to do your research.

Here are a few things some custom builders won’t tell you.

Lot Selection

So, the first decision you’ll make when building a home is the location. If you already own your lot, the building process will be more direct. If you’re purchasing land with the intention to build, it’s a little more difficult. A major principle to keep in mind is to not settle. Many settle on a lot solely because it is the last available in your ideal neighborhood. Rather than focusing on the surrounding homes, make sure the lot you choose is the perfect shape, size, and view for you and your family.


One of the hardest components to manage during the home building process is the price tag. If a builder requests a large deposit upfront, this may mean they need help affording the materials. If this is the case, the company is most likely suffering financially. On the contrary, if a builder’s initial quote is unusually low, this can be alarming as well. The key is that the quote you receive from the homebuilder is comparable to competing builders’ estimates and that the quote includes a complete breakdown of the total.

Material Sources

Most homebuilders have long-standing relationships with contractors. Rather than telling the buyer who they work for, the builder will sometimes act as a middle man between the contractor and the buyer. That way, they can create allowances for the consumer to provide the builder to work with. Often times, the prices are low-balled and the buyer ends up spending more. Another reason to get involved with the selection process is to ensure you are getting the best quality for your budget. While a cheaper microwave may be more enticing, consider the longevity. If it is constantly having issues, it will end up costing more in repairs than it would have been to choose a top-of-the-line product. Though you may be building this home to be your forever home, you should always keep in mind the resale value of your home by selecting the highest quality materials.

When you decide to build with Sam Rodgers Homes, you’ll never be left wondering. Sam Rodgers has defined Luxury Without Limits for over 50 years through quality construction, customized design, and personalized floor plans for your unique lifestyle. Our well-established partnerships with top local artisans, craftsmen, and tradespeople ensure the highest quality home construction in Southwest Florida. And, unlike other homebuilders, Sam Rodgers feature a 1,600 square-foot Design Studio, staffed with design professionals, to provide home buyers convenient one-stop shopping for every little detail of your home.

To learn more about Sam Rodgers Homes, contact us today!

Luxury Without Limits

When other home builders say no to custom home features, Sam says YES.

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Sam Rodgers Wins Best Digital Marketing Campaign at 2019 Manatee-Sarasota BIA SMC Awards

Sam Rodgers wins Best Digital Marketing Campaign 2019

SARASOTA —Sam Rodgers Homes was recently announced as the winner of the 2019 Best Digital Marketing Campaign Award at The annual Manatee-Sarasota BIA Celebration of Excellence Awards. This is a prestigious recognition among home builders in the industry.

For luxury builders, like Sam Rodgers Homes, the truth is that quality digital marketing is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads. They were able to do just that, with a digital campaign that beat out all the others.

With the help of CEA Marketing, a Clearwater-based advertising agency specializing in homebuilder promotions, Sam Rodgers Homes created a consistently positive mobile-friendly experience designed to provide information to prospective homebuyers. The campaign provided an informative and useful resource, then encouraged prospective buyers to explore Sam Rodgers Homes for themselves while generating quality leads.

The campaign centered around a guidebook titled “Top Modern Custom Upgrades for Luxury Homes.” It was then supported by Email Marketing, Banner Ads, Blogs, a Social Media Campaign and a Remarketing Strategy that all worked together.

To download and view the Guidebook, simply click here.

The Mooney’s

Paradiso Entrance

From Tom and Holly Mooney:

“We comment frequently on how much we like living in Gran Paradiso and how happy we are with our new Sam Rodgers home. We value the freedom we had to select finishes and add options that were important to us.  Sam Rogers’ team of employees from the sales people to the design center to the construction foreman have been very helpful, nice, and professional.”